Home Automation

The total electrification of consumption leads to the need for the management and programming of these consumptions. Being able to control and program any electrical device means comfort, efficiency and safety in buildings.

Home Automation Facilities

Loxone is a home automation system for residential, industrial and tertiary facilities that allows the building to be configured within Smart Home technology, integrating the building’s electrical appliances and including the photovoltaic solar installation.

One of the main advantages of home automation is the configuration of conditionals. Surpluses from the solar installation can run the air conditioning system, charge the electric car or run the pool pump.

At Bancells Ecotècnics we are partners of Loxone and we specialize in offering our customers the possibility of automating their home. We have a team of installers certified by the march to be able to design, install and configure this automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We consider home automation as the automation of electrical processes in a home or building, such as the management of lighting or electric blinds.

It is possible to go further with the incorporation of the photovoltaic solar system and divert surpluses to electrical devices such as a pool pump, aerothermal heater or electric vehicle charger.

We are partners of Loxone, a closed-source home automation company that allows you to automate almost most electrical devices. The automation of devices is the principle of home automation, but the most interesting thing is the configuration of conditionals in this automation; For example, with weather probes it is possible to regulate the lighting, air conditioning and blinds of a home.

The configuration is managed through a computer connecting via IP to the central unit installed in the home, from that connection the configuration and programming of the conditionals is carried out. Once this configuration is completed, the end user is managed through their mobile terminal, whether tablet or phone.

It is recommended that, for a correct Internet connection, the signal be via cable (WLAN), minimizing the use of WiFi .

The advantages of home automation include increased comfort and energy efficiency. For example, users can remotely control lighting and HVAC systems, program automatic actions based on their routines and preferences, and receive real-time security alerts.

Furthermore, home automation can contribute to more efficient use of energy resources by allowing monitoring and control of energy consumption by connected devices.

Home automation enables efficient management of energy consumption by automatically adjusting device usage according to needs and preferences, thereby saving energy and reducing costs.